Who's The Junkers? / Chi è The Junkers?

The Junkers is one of the multiple digital personae of me, Gianpaolo Bertoncin. I am a creative designer and illustrator located in Rome, Italy. I realize illustrations, logos and artworks inspired by the world of motorcycles. This website will provide you with information on my services, a gallery of artworks and... the shop! Please do not hesitate to e-mail me; I'll be happy to work with you on your next design or illustration project!
The Junkers è una delle molteplici versioni digitali di me, Gianpaolo Bertoncin. Sono un disegnatore ed illustratore con base a Roma. Realizzo illustrazioni, loghi ed artworks ispirandomi al mondo delle motociclette. Questo sito vi fornirà alcune informazioni, una galleria e... lo shop! Non esitate a mandare una e-mail; sarò felice di lavorare al vostro nuovo progetto!

Logos & Brand design
Need a logo for your Moto Club or a motorcycle brand design? Let's talk!
"I Fidanzati della Morte"

T-shirts design for the Rodaggio Film project Engaged to Death.
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The Junkers is into the BOOOOOOOM’s Top 20 S6 Instagram Accounts To Follow!
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"Peters Dog Cycles"

Yamaha XV750 by Peters Dog Cycles. I like it so I HAD to make an artwork!
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S6 Art Quarterly!

Proud to have been selected for the Society6 Art Quarterly / No. 2.2
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Not only T-shirts...

Personalize everything! HUNDREDS of illustration to choose from!
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"Camel Square Moto Jeddah"

A cool camel riding a cool bike on the beach... So what?
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The Backroad Ball

Some artworks for women's motorcycle weekends in Canada.
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"Rocket Garage"

Where is passion for the bikes, there is also The Junkers.
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The Junkers Art Book

A lot of The Junkers artworks put in a f***ing high quality print! Yeah!
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The Junkers Art Print

Which biker would not love a similar print hanging on the wall? A fool one.
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Joy and pain...

The Junkers keep a watchful eye open for any lady-biker out there.
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BMW K1100 "LaDini".

Illustration of the 1992 BMW K 1100 LT, by De Angelis Elaborazioni.
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